These recent years, many controversies have arisen in the food sector. Many consumers want not only products that respect the planet but also products that respect the animals, they are also beings. The various controversies over food compositions in meat, milk and many others have led people to change their consumption patterns by focusing on natural, vegetable products to the detriment of everyday consumer products. Many have realized the health hazards these products pose, which is why we are witnessing a change in consumption habits. A change that translates into an increased demand for superfood, considered very good for the body. Among these super foods, we find the chia seed. This is a very trendy food recently that we hear a lot about.

So what is the chia seed? Why is it so popular?

These little seeds that we see a lot on social networks, present in desserts, drinks, cookies, are chia seeds. Originally from Mexico, chia seeds are part of the Sage family; Lamiaceae. The chia seeds were already very popular before, at the time of the Aztecs who used them to treat certain diseases. Back in the spotlight, the chia seeds market is expanding on the plain.

With a market value of $0.3 billion, global chia seed production is equivalent to 80,000 tonnes in 2016. This market is expected to reach a value of $1 billion by 2020. In 2017, the world market for black chia seeds generated about 40,000 tonnes of sales, there is a very interesting profitability for the numerous suppliers on the market.
These main harvesting areas are Argentina and Peru with more than 200,000 hectares cultivated in a single year. Europe is starting in this field, and is becoming the second largest supplier of chia seeds in the world.

Chia seeds mainly meet the needs of the population who wish to have foods that will not
only preserve their health but also foods that will contribute to their well-being.
We find chia seeds in many fields and in many forms:
– Food and beverages
– Personal care, cosmetics
– Animal feed
– Pharmaceutical products

What are the main benefits of seeds? What are its nutritional properties and therapeutic virtues?

Chia seeds are very rich in nutrition, fibers and Omega 3, they have many virtues:

– Chia seeds improve health
– Decrease the risk of heart disease
– Reduce the risk of diabetes by slowing the absorption of glucose in the blood
– Seeds prevent premature skin aging
– Deeply moisturizes the skin
– Provides the vitamins necessary for cell development
– Improves the condition of bones and muscles by strengthening them
– Prevents diseases developed in the body
– Serve as antioxidants

How to consume them?

They can be included in many sweet and savoury recipes: they can be eaten dry, ground or even after soaking them in water. Once in the water, their masses increase and they become small balls with a neutral taste. They will not change the taste or texture of your dishes.

Where to get it?

Chia seeds are very numerous on e-commerce platforms. From conventional to organic,
they can be found everywhere these days. It is possible to find chia seeds in detail on the Amoseeds website, which sells chia seeds in small quantities: 500gram sizes are available as well as 1kg and 2kg.
For Chia seeds in larger quantities, Sejum Group is an ideal supplier that collects its seeds directly in Mexico with local producers. For more information, please contact the company.