Services expertise

Sejum Group has established international relations between Mexico, France and China. Thanks to our expertise in the exportation of coffee seeds and chia seeds, the company has strong connections with the agricultural world in Mexico. Furthermore, we can introduce professionals from differents areas such as investments, real estate, solar energy, battery energy in France and in China.

In order to diversify our activities, we offer different services to the professionals such as sourcing services, support services and personalized services are also possible according to the needs of our customers.

With our expertise, we help companies with an international development ambition. We provide support and contacts in order to find a suitable supplier for products. The objective is to give the best information and proposals on the market to the customers. With our expertise, we provide a well-thought process to complete our services.

Sourcing services

Support services

Personalized services

Our sourcing services

In order to facilitate professionals international actions, Sejum Group takes care of the follow-up of your sales, we can be your official representative on site, buy the merchandises adapted to your needs, follow the delivery of your products, check the proper transport of goods and guarantee the safe delivery to the destination. During the process, we will continuously inform you about the progress and make the right decisions together to build an effective relationship.

Support services

Our purpose is to help our customers so we have established a support service to facilitate the realization of the sales between professionals.  Our main mission is the proper follow-up of the different steps and also to provide a deep analysis of your needs to identify the points necessary to the success of our service.

We propose to connect our customers to the Mexican farmers, the cooperatives and the small producers in order to find the best products according to their needs. We also provide advice about the coffee industry based on our deep knowledge in the industry.

Our objective is to offer a long-term relationship, we do the necessary to adapt our contracts for a win-win partnership and help you to find the best products at a very attractive price. We find for our customers the best information and contacts available on the market to fulfill their satisfaction.

Personalized services

We can provide services according to your needs, we do our best to offer you different types of personalized services
with our knowledges and resources. For example, we can set up partnerships with embassies in targeted countries, companies of expertise such as PWC or AlphaSights.

We set up a permanent control of the value chain in order to propose you the best services.  Thanks to the accumulation of our long experience, we want to improve permanently and set up a successful customer relationship.

The process

In order to meet your expectations, we set up a process defined in several steps:

  • Identify and initiation

  • Definition and planning

  • Execute the tasks

  • Performance and control the process

If you are interested by our services, you can contact us via the form and we can propose you a quote.

Investments expertise

Sejum Group is present on an international scale. Using our network of contacts, we are able to connect people from Mexico and Europe. We support both Mexican investors in Europe and European investors in Mexico. We provide services in various types of investments such as real estate, bond investing and solar energy investments.

Thanks to our expertise, we offer investors expertise in tax and risk management. Our knowledge allows us to provide the best investments advices. We provide details and transparentcy during the investment process.

In addition, the progress of your investments will be monitored thanks to a continuous report using top controling and reporting methods. We also keep you informed about the market developments in order to recommend any possible changes that may impact your investments.

Investments in the real estate sector

Our professionals in Europe and Mexico are responsible for guaranteeing the best practices on the market. Our skills and association with highly qualified real estate experts will allow you to invest in profitable properties according to your expectations.

We offer the most appropriate geographical area according to your risk profile. We will help you with your administrative and tax formalities. We will propose you the financing method adapted to your financial resources.

Investments in the solar energy sectorsolar energy

The sector of the energy is one of the global investments trends in the current context of sustainable development.

In Mexico, the recent enthusiasm in this sector can be explained by a better profitability of solar energy compared to fossil fuels thanks to its high levels of sunshine and its high efficiency rate. For these reasons, Mexico is the ideal place to invest in solar energy.

In the process of sustainable development and COP21, environmental protection has become a major concern. In Mexico, more and more projects in solar energy are emerging. The market is growing fast and represent an interesting opportunity for investors.

Sejum Group is committed to promote investments that reduce energy consumption for the environment. We offer secure PV plant investments thanks to our expertise in the industry. We are able to establish lasting partnerships between market professionals and investors.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.