Supplier of chia seeds, green coffee and oils

Sejum Group is an import-export supplier of agricultural products such as chia seeds, green coffee and oils with an high quality. Our aim is to offer our commodities internationally in China and Europe.

Part of our investment in sustainability has focused on promoting the adoption of responsible agricultural practices in our farms, cooperatives & small-producers. That’s why sejum group is a reliable supplier.

Sustainability affects every part of the coffee and chia seeds supply chain: from the seeds plantation to the final consumer. This supply chain is long and complex. But considering that the world consumes more than 2.25 trillion cups of coffee per year, small changes at any point can add big changes.

Following this declaration of the national coffee organization, we are totally committed to the sustainability of our coffee and apply the same principles to the chia seeds. As we continously train our value chain to fully adopt sustainable practices.

Most farms, cooperatives and small producers we partner with are producing organic coffee and chia seeds. This number is improving every year. We are aiming to have 100% of the products we sell to be organic  by 2022.

Chia seeds

chia seeds supplier

Green coffee


Chia seeds

chia seeds

  • Our chia seeds come from the fertile region of Los Altos de Jalisco in western Mexico. These seeds, which measure barely a millimetre or two in size, are carefully harvested by our partner farmers.
  • They are planted from June to July, harvested between November and December and begin to be marketed at the end of January.
  • We market Salvia Hispanica Chia seeds with interesting nutritional properties (super-food) and a purity of 99.9%. It turns out that chia seeds do have very interesting nutritional values, as shown by their omega-3 content, which is 18.5 g, or their protein content, which is 21.2 g.
  • Our partners use a combination of traditional and industrial processes to obtain a homogeneous harvest. Indeed, our chia seeds are first classified in cleaning equipment in order to obtain only whole and uniform grains. After sorting, the product passes through the electronic stone bagging equipment, optical selector, screen and metal detector. As a result of this process, we obtain high quality seeds.
  • Finally, as far as packaging is concerned, the seeds are sold in polypropylene bags and multilayer paper bags. In terms of weight, this can range from 20kg to 35kg and more. The price is per kilogram for a 20-foot container containing 400 25kg bags; for a total weight of about 10 tonnes.
Our Chia Seeds Portoflio
. Black seeds conventional, origin Mexico
. White seeds conventional, origin Mexico
. Organic seeds, origin Mexico

Green coffee

green coffee

• Our green coffee comes from the Chiapas region of Mexico, a region famous for its creamy and slightly acidic coffee.

• In the Chiapas region, coffee is harvested three times a year. The first harvest is done in December and early January, the second in February and the third in March.

• We offer Green Coffee with Organic and Fair Trade certification as well as organic coffee with no certifications.

• Our local network allows us to offer a wide range of coffee: Geisha, Catimor, Typica, Bourbon, Sarchimo, Mundo Novo and Hybrid coffees.

Our Green Coffee Portoflio
• EP High Growth, Gaisha Arabica, Washed +85 
• EP High GrowthMundo Novo Arabica, Natural +85 
• EP High Growth from Jaltenango, Washed +83
• EP High Growth from Veracruz, Washed +83

Our oils


•All of our oils have impressive nutritive properties

•It’s formulated by fatty acid like Omega 3,6,9 and by other acids good for health like linoleic acid which is essential for growth and brain development

•All our chia oil partner’s plant are certified by ISO 2000

Our oils portofolio
• Chia oil from Jalisco 
• Avocado oil from Michoacán
• Sunflower oil from Jalisco and Puebla

You can contact us to have more information about our commodities.