Chia seeds

Chia seeds first originated from Mexico; they were used by the Maya as their main protein complement. Up to this day, Mexico is still a main producing country where chia seeds are grown naturally due to optimal climate conditions.

Chia seeds are ideal to be consumed in bakery products, alone, transformed into oil or for other transformation usage

Our Chia seeds Portfolio:

Organic & Conventional black chia seeds: 99.95% & 99.98%

Organic & Conventional White chia seeds: 99.95% & 99.98%

We are able to supply chia seeds all year long with any personalisation responding to market and specification needs.

Chia seeds factory

Our Chia seeds cleaning plant in Jalisco

  • Our chia seeds come from the fertile region of Los Altos de Jalisco in western Mexico. They are carefully harvested by our partner farmers from december to february

  • We market Salvia Hispanica Chia seeds with a purity of 99.95% & 99.98%.

  • We use top quality industrial processes to obtain a homogeneous product . Indeed, our chia seeds are cleaned using 4 different types of equipment in order to obtain only whole and uniform grains.

  • We generally pack chia seeds in 25kg polypropylene bags. We can also offer multilayer kraft bags and 1000kg big bags

  • We partner with SGS mexico ( ) for third party analysis if required by clients; we can also partnered with a third party company of our client choice.

  • We have products available all year long and have stable prices.

  • We can provide all year long contracts and every contracts are under GAFTA rules (

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