Green Coffee

All the farms, cooperatives and small producers we partner with for our coffee business will only produce organic coffee and fair trade coffee by 2022. We are very well on track to achieve on this objective we set to ourselves.

National Coffee Organisation: Sustainability affects every part of the coffee supply chain: from the seeds plantation to the final consumer. This supply chain is long and complex. But considering that the world consumes more than 2.25 trillion cups of coffee per year, small changes at any point can add big changes.

Our Portfolio:

  • EP High Growth from Chiapas, Hybrid , Washed +80
  • EP High Growth from Chiapas, Gaisha Arabica, Washed +85
  • EP High Growth from chiapas, Mundo Novo Arabica, Natural +88
  • EP High Growth from Jaltenango, Washed +83
  • EP High Growth from Veracruz, Washed +83
Green Coffee production plant

Our production in Chiapas, the center of the coffee region in Mexico.

  • Our green coffee comes from the Chiapas region of Mexico, a region famous for its creamy and slightly acidic coffee.

  • In the Chiapas region, coffee is harvested three times a year. The first harvest is done in December and early January, the second in February and the third in March

  • We offer Green Coffee with Organic and Fair Trade certification as well as non organic coffee.

  • Our local network allows us to offer a wide range of coffee: Geisha, Catimor, Typica, Bourbon, Sarchimo, Mundo Novo and Hybrid coffees.

  • 69kg Jute bags, floor-loaded shipment and on palletes.

  • Products available all year long with a cherry coffee stock.

  • We agree and carefully follow the contracts guidelines of the National coffee Organisation, we are also fully committed to the sustainability aspect of our coffee. As we continuously enforce and verify that all our value chain have sustainable practices.

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