About us

From the start, the goal of Sejum Group was to promote Mexican coffee on a global scale. Thought-out the sales of high-quality coffee from Chiapas with strict respect for harvest tradition. When we started, we strongly believed that unique coffee could be exported only by working closely with farmers on sustainability; we managed to create a strong value chain for the long-run exporting high quality green coffee. Taking those learning from the coffee industry we have now applied them to the chia seed industry.

Our business is based on working with our entire value chain to create long-term partnership and be a market-leader regarding sustainability, traceability and quality. To do so, we work closely with producers to always deliver the best quality of chia seeds and coffee beans, supporting them with the implementation of best practices dictated by industry organisation like the NCO or GAFTA farming standards.

To ensure quality and always have an homogeneous quality; we have contracts with prestigious laboratory and have organic certificate for most countries. We also work with third-party agency to verify the quality of our products and always deliver value to our clients.

We are proud to promote green coffee and chia seeds from Mexico helping our sustainable product growth in all markets. Today, we have established an international presence in Mexico, Europe and China; we aspire to open new offices in other countries to grow and advertise our values.

Our values and DNA:

  • Commitment to customers

  • Integrity

  • Quality focus 

  • Stakeholders long-term oriented

  • Transparency

  • Trust & honesty above all

Our approach to sustainability:

We base our business relationship on trust and long-term partnership. We strongly value and promote stakeholders interested by the same values. We have always incorporated a social and environmental pillar into our business model. Partnering producer are carefully selected to respect harvest best practices and environmental care. We train farmers and provide them the tools to follow are value and have a sustainable farming.

For instance, all our partnering chia seeds producers; grow chia seeds naturally respecting the seasons without using pesticides. We have helped them with packing technique from the coffee industry that reduce product waste and allow them to save more seeds to plant for the next harvest.

This commitment is the DNA of our company and how we interact with our producers, customers and employees. Our focus on developing those values with our stakeholders has allowed us to establish a global presence with offices in Mexico, France and China.

Our recognition for working with organic products: