About us

Founded in 2012 by the Moreno family, Sejum Group is a green coffee, chia seeds and oil supplier. We are specialized in import and export of commodities, in sourcing and investments services. Our knowledge and expertise have allowed us to establish a global presence with offices in Mexico, France, and China.

We closely work with our entire value chain to create long-term partnership and be a market-leader regarding sustainability, traceability and quality. Working closely with producers to improve the quality of chia seeds and coffee beans, supporting them with the implementation of best practices.

We are proud to promote green coffee and chia seeds from Mexico helping the sustainable growth in both markets. Today, we want to establish an international presence linking Mexico, Europe and China not only with trade but also with investments.

Our history

From the start, the goal of Sejum was to promote Mexican coffee on a global scale. Thought-out the sales of high-quality coffee from Chiapas with strict respect for harvest tradition. We believe that unique coffee starts by working closely with farmers to get the purest green coffee.

In 2014, we used the same know-how that producers have with harvest tradition of chia seeds and we linked it to our industry best practices to help the chia industry expand globally. We also begin to provide sourcing services and investments to diversify our activities.

In 2017, we established an office in China to accelerate our global development and developing a joint venture with a local pattern.

In 2019, we have launched the European subsidiary thanks to a long-lasting friendship between Loic Dibon and the Moreno family. The partnership has experience in many business between France and Mexico. The company has acquire skills and unique expertise based on a deep knowledge in investments and financial planning.

Our vision

Our existence is based on exporting grains, soft raw materials, and Mexican agricultural products to help the industry to expand it’s international recognition.

We are also continuously working on helping producers to have a better income, avoid immigration, improve the Mexican countryside and generate currency for the economic development of the country.

Our strong value chain allows us to keep Mexican farming traditions and shared it around the globe.

Every day, we work for a sustainable futur.