Welcome to Sejum Group website, the chia seeds supplier

Founded in 2012, Sejum Group is a supplier specialized in import-export of commodities such as chia seeds, green coffee and oils. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we also provide services in investments with connexions to the profesionnals from differents areas such as investments, real estate, solar energy and battery energy. Our main mission is to connect professionals in their investments at the international level.

The company has always incorporated a social, an environmental and an economic pillar into its business model. This commitment is the DNA of our company and how we interact with our producers, customers, employees, shareholders and all our stakeholders. Our development has allowed us to establish a global presence with offices in Mexico, France and China. The company has currently become a major supplier on the international chia seed market.

We offer different services to the professionals such as sourcing services, support services and personalized services are also possible according to the needs of our customers.


chia seeds green coffee oils

  • Responsible agricultural with high quality products
  • Parnter with farms, cooperatives and small producers
  • Chia seeds, green coffee and oils from Mexico


services sourcing support personnalized

  • Sourcing, support and personalized services
  • Effective partenership between professionals
  • Permanent control of the value chain with a well-thought process

We are the link between Mexico, Europe and China

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